Ah multiculturalism..

Adelaide Now - TWO youths have been stabbed in the city this afternoon during a wild brawl inside a newsagency. Witnesses said a group of youths, who appeared to be Sudanese, attacked another group of youths, also understood to be Sudanese, inside the Fleet St newsagency, on James Place, about 3.45pm. A woman told AdelaideNow that the group produced knives and started stabbing each other inside the shop before spilling out onto the footpath, where the fight continued. "They just started stabbing each other,'' she said. One witness said he rushed to the aid of one youth, 14, as he lay bleeding heavily on the footpath.
It was the previous government that brought all these people into the country and just abandoned them. But it remains to be seen if the current mob of socialists will have the stomach to start deporting some of these criminals who can't help but bring all their crap from Sudan. Judging by their loosening of our detention centers and softening of immigration policy [and the story below by JR], I don't think so. I'm sure some leftist will start piping up about their human rights, employment prospects back in Sudan, social justice, family ties, racism and whatever else.

The way I see it, any immigrant who misbehaves gets a one-way ticket back to where they came from, that ought to clear things up quick smart. I was going to say, jail first then deportation, but our jails are no punishment considering what's happening back in Sudan. I would also suggest a parachute strapped to your back and a boot in the ass out of a C130 somewhere over Africa but I don't see enough of us having the stomach for that sort of justice.

On a side note, I thought South Australia had laws banning the carrying of knives and weapons, why I remember a while ago reading that the Public Prosecutor was caterwauling about tougher gun control laws and what not. So can someone call a politician somewhere to pass some 'tough' laws against carrying knives and stabbing people in South Australia, that'll show those savages. That's the solution isn't it, I mean here in glorious NSW we have banned all these nasty implements and we have zero crime right!

Pass the koolaid.

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