Palin upsets the tofu-nibblers, again

FOX News - Alaska Governor Sarah Palin officially pardoned a turkey for Thanksgiving at a farm in Wasilla, Alaska on Thursday, then conducted a television interview as another bird was clearly seen being slaughtered in the background.

As the former Republican vice presidential nominee spoke with a KTUU-TV reporter about returning to work in Alaska, just a few feet behind her a Triple D Farms worker is seen feeding a turkey into a grinder, periodically turning around to watch the on-going interview.

Palin, who called the pardoning experience "neat" was reportedly told by the station videographer what was going on behind her, but allowed the interview to continue.

Video here, not for the squeamish.
If Palin had told them to conduct the interview somewhere else, they'd probably have accused her of trying to cover up the 'mindless slaughter' of the poor turkeys [get a tissue haters]. Perhaps Palin was of the opinion that she would conduct interviews with the yearning press while on the run. If people think their meat comes from the grocery store and can't bear to watch the interview then so be it.

I guess she could have flown somewhere and gotten on some fancy couch with people sitting around watching and shared her feelings with the host and they could have held hands and sung kumbaya and all that, but that's not her. She's not the celebrity everyone insists she is and then damn her for being in the next breath.

If she thought she was then she'd never have let it happen there, knowing most outlets wouldn't air it because of their audience's delicate stomachs. Like she said, she's got work to do for her state, that's her job, not running around giving politically-correct interviews that meet the standards of latte-lefties.

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