Gitmo - A path to citizenship

Deutsche Welle - Amnesty International appealed Monday to Germany and other European nations to provide homes to 50 detainees from the US detention center at Guantanamo Bay. The men cannot return to their home countries "for fear of torture or other serious human-rights violations," the human-rights group said in Berlin. It said it was making the appeal with four other rights groups in the expectation that the next US president, Barack Obama, would close the detention center in Cuba.

About 250 people accused of being terrorists are currently held at the camp. Some 80 are expected to face trial by court martial. Amnesty said the remainder included 50 from nations such as China, Libya, Russia, Tunisia and Uzbekistan. ......"Guantanamo cannot be closed until these men have a country which will accept them, and where their lives and liberty are not in jeopardy," the statement said.
You gotta hand it to the left, for years they've been caterwauling at every opportunity to close gitmo, it's only innocents, it'll create more terrorism, send them home, close gitmo, down with gitmo, free the terrorists, give terrorism a chance! No matter how well the terrorists within were treated, korans, warm blankets, free healthcare, halal meals etc, the left would hear none of it. The lying sacks of crap, and now that their dreams are finally coming true?

No, can't close Gitmo, can't send them home, must keep them in America and Europe, can't send them back, can't find work, social justice and all that. And you know what's coming next, if anyone is stupid enough to take these fellows in and accept them. The caterwauling will move onto, oh but their families are back in wackistan, how can you separate the families, think of the children, social justice, xenophobia, racism, isn't all this just terrible, we have to set an example, give immigration a chance, pass me tissue.

I gotta admit, I never saw this coming, never in a hundred years, did you?

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