Finally, they're dead and gone..

Brisbane Times - The bodies of Bali bombers Amrozi and Mukhlas, who where executed by firing squad this morning, have arrived in the small village of Tenggulun in East Java amid chaotic scenes. ......The brothers and fellow bomber Imran Samudra were shot to death by separate firing squads at 12.15am Indonesian time. The executions come six years after the Kuta nightclub explosions that killed 202 people, including 88 Australians.
Too bad the Indonesians don't have the stomach to bury these evil bastards with dead pigs. But I suppose that even after killing so many of our own, we in the west lack the stomach to do that, some of us were even crying for them to be spared, so I shouldn't be criticizing the Indonesians.

When you think about it, apart from America, in much of the western world, they'd be serving life sentences, warm beds, TVs, korans, halal meals, toilets rearranged and whatever else, so I'm grateful the Indonesians did the right thing.

At least now they're finally dead and gone, for a while there I wasn't sure the Indonesians would actually go through with it, but they did so credit to them. Hope it was long, slow and painful.

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