President Hussein readies to abandon Iraq - Mr Obama said that as soon as that happens on January 20: "I will call in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, my national security apparatus, and we will start executing a plan that draws down our troops'' from Iraq. "Particularly in light of the problems that we're having in Afghanistan, which has continued to worsen. We've got to shore up those efforts,'' Mr Obama said in the interview, which was taped on Friday.

On the campaign trail, Mr Obama vowed to pull one or two combat brigades out of Iraq every month until after 16 months, only a residual security force of unspecified size remains. Some of those brigades would head to Afghanistan. He told CBS that "it is a top priority for us to stamp out al-Qaeda once and for all'' and that killing or capturing the group's mastermind Osama bin Laden was "critical'' to US security.

Mr Obama pledged to tackle controversial offshoots of Mr Bush's "war on terror'' - the US military's internment camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and harsh interrogations of captured terror suspects. "I have said repeatedly that I intend to close Guantanamo, and I will follow through on that,'' he said. "I have said repeatedly that America doesn't torture. And I'm going to make sure that we don't torture. Those are part and parcel of an effort to regain America's moral stature in the world,'' he said.
Yes off course, them terrorist scum that attacked America on 9/11 and killed so many were just upset because of America's moral stature. If only that stupid Bush had bowed down and issued some stupid platitides about hope, change, spreading the wealth, social justice etc, the terrorists would have just packed up, said sorry and gone off to organic farming and making hemp shirts or something on their collective farms.

Isn't it great, President Hussein is going to bring utopia through restoring America's moral stature, all the bad guys around the world are going to be floored when President Hussein arrives at their negotiating table, floating on America's moral stature. Wow, why didn't we think of that, build up America's moral stature and hey presto, social justice and peace at last. Guns and bombs are like soooo last century dude.

So Hussein is going to cut & run from Iraq and make his stand in Afghanistan eh. What if all the terrorists head over here and start blowing stuff up and what happens if they run into nuclear-powered Pakistan to hide. You got the stomach to dig in and 'never surrender' in tora bora after showing that you couldn't hack it in Iraq Hussein? So how long before you catch Osama and when you do, will you reach out to him, try to address his grievances or just hang him high?

Will Hussein go after them (Al-Qaeda and Osama) into Pakistan, what are the rules of engagement, will he provide a large manual of some sort for the troops to refer to when the mortars are 'incoming'? What if those Pakis decide that they don't want you hunting anyone on their land? Will you just kick their ass or ask the UN for permission, what if some innocents get killed, you know fog-of-war, shit-happens etc, is that alright, toss the moral stature bs when it's inconvenient, or is some moral stature and unilateralism more equal.

And while you're at it, what are you going to do with the terrorists that are captured there Hussein? Give em' fair trials, due process, human rights, appeals and all that. Remember Hussein, you can't just beat them or something, so you gonna take em' back to America for their lengthy trials. What of all the leftists who screamed, 'give the terrorists freedom-fighters a chance' for the last 8 years, what will you do to placate them Hussein? Or will their passionate yearning for justice suddenly evaporate in the aura of OBAMA?

Coming back to Iraq and this residual security force, just to clear things up, you ain't putting rent-a-cops in there or something are you President Hussein? Also, what'll happen if AQI start sending in IEDs and homicide bombers after this residual security force, how long before you bail them out of Iraq to, you know, regain America's moral stature? And how long will they be there, what will they do and how is their presence there not a sort of imperialistic occupation, blood for oil in other words?

Lastly, this glorious, glorious effort to regain America's moral stature in the world. At what point exactly will this be achieved, can it be done in one term or do you need two terms and possibly more than two terms? Who will be the judge of it, will there be some sort of global vote to decide. Will there be a gathering of leftists from all over the world where they'll vote(?) on whether America's moral stature in the world has been regained. Why not make it like American idol or Eurovision or something, we could all text our votes in. I'm sure just because it's OBAMA, it'll be a resounding 'yes'.

Putting the derision and snide remarks aside folks, not much we can do but pray that he doesn't create another Vietnam and Somalia. That he does not hand victory over to Al-Qaeda. The sacrifice of so many would have been for nothing and that would be a terrible dishonor and betrayal.

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