Kevvie from brissie - One year later

Daily Telegraph - On the first anniversary of Labor's election victory, Mr Rudd's steady stream of overseas travel - he's in Peru this weekend - has come in for sharp criticism. An exclusive Daily Telegraph survey of marginal seats has also revealed deep cynicism at the PM's pledge to ease cost-of-living pressures on families.
I wonder if any media outlet will bother to take a poll of kevvie's rule among these people. Last I checked they're still whistling in the wind thanks to kevvie's bumbling.

It's good to see that working-families bullsh*t is finally starting to wear thin, it certainly took us long enough to wake up. Don't forget fuel watch, grocery watch and all the other things that required endless reviews and commissions folks. Ask yourself Australia, are you paying less for your groceries or much less for your petrol after you paid for all those?

Wait till kevvie from brissie gets his much-prattled about war-on-carbon going, the price of lights are also going to go up. Remember he promised that low-income families will be looked after, for those sighing in contentment, that's code for, we'll make sure those who earn enough [you] will look after those who don't.
......But the Government's decision to hand out bonus payments of up to $2100 for pensioners and low-income families has been questioned. Many of those surveyed believed the money would be better spent on health and other necessary public services.
That's all well and good folks, in fact I think at least a trillion dollars should be spent on health and all the other public services, why stop at the $2100 per pensioner. Oh yeah, that's right, it's not kevvie from brissie opening his wife's bank account and handing the crumbs out to the peasants, it's our money that's being used.

So instead of giving our money to the government to spend inefficiently on the services we yearn for, why don't we just keep more of it and spend it on our own health and if we feel so inclined we can also spend it on other people's health as well?

In NSW alone, the Labor government has thrown billions and billions of our dollars at health and here we still are with the hand out demanding more be spent.
......Some fret the Government will put at risk the Budget surpluses built up by the Coalition. "We are in a much better situation because of the Costello surpluses," said Vasilis Kriketos, who manages a small tobacconist in the heart of Bennelong.
Don't you mean, we 'were' in a much better situation. The previous government left us with 10 billion plus in surplus and now it's 5 billion and falling. I have a feeling in a few months we'll be slowly shuffling into deficit.
Mr Kriketos said many people in this marginal seat wanted the Prime Minister to start making tough decisions. "Sooner or later you will have to make a decision, mate," he said - a typical response.
Well, hopefully people aren't yearning for him to make a tough decision just for the sake of it. But since we want him to make tough decisions, how about telling us to keep more of our money, telling us that he's going to cut some of the public services and we need to take responsibility and look after ourselves? No home-buyers grant, baby bonus and all that? I have a feeling that those same people will be screaming at kevvie then for being too tough.
......Rob O'Brien, a 20-year-old student from Bennelong, said he was "OK with Labor" after one year "but the Government is spending its surplus and that is a major issue," he said. "What happens down the track? Will we get taxed more?"
Oh Rob, the surplus isn't the profit from kevvie selling some crap that others want at a profit. It's our money Rob, and once kevvie has finished squandering it, where else is he going to get money from to supply you with the services you're sourly demanding but are not prepared to pay for?

He is going to have to tax someone more, that's just the way it is, someone somewhere always has to pay. Frankly though, I think Rob's main concern isn't really whether 'we' will get taxed more. Like most leftists and collectivists, their primary concern is whether 'i' will get taxed more. As long as it's someone else and not them paying for the crap they want, it's perfectly fine with them. Tax away kevvie, the surplus, the surplus, the services, the services.

On a side note, whatever happened to the leftwing talkfest, you remember, the 20-20 summit where all the country's leftists and collectivists gathered to come up with fancy ways of spending everyone else's money? Have they delivered utopia and I just didn't see it or something? Already kevvie's grand vision of an Asia-Pacific collective with him as their great king is going up in smoke. Or was the talkfest just an opportunity for kevvie and his fellow collectivists to look like they're doing something, get their pictures with kevvie and enjoy the chardonnays?

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