Why again in 3 years?

Paul Bailey, the man who raped and murdered Otago schoolgirl Kylie Smith, has been denied parole and told not to bother applying for release for another three years. Bailey, who waived his right to appear at his latest Parole Board hearing, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1992 after he raped the 15-year-old schoolgirl before shooting her in the back of her head. He was on bail at the time for trying to rape a woman at knifepoint and while in prison has confessed to raping a 12-year-old in 1989 and 1990. Source.

MK – I just don’t get it, how many children have to be raped and killed before a pedophile is sent away for life, never to see the light again. Are these fools under the impression that they can protect the public from this murdering creep if he decides to re-offend after being released, they cannot even protect an adult on the street nor will they allow that adult to protect themselves let alone protect a child.
Update – 10 Years Max
Remember I posted about that horrific murder of a family in Canada by their 13-year-old daughter and her 24-year-old pedophile boyfriend, well I’m not a 100% sure about this, but the girl has been found guilty and I think she will serve 6 years in a young offender facility, her identity never to be revealed. Source.

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