Are those liberal morons in America listening?

Canada, once considered the bedrock of national health care systems, is in the beginning stages of change toward free-market health insurance. For the first time, private health care clinics are proliferating throughout Canada and arguments for allowing private physicians to practice freely are being heard. The Supreme Court of Canada, widely viewed as among the most liberal in the world, nearly two years ago allowed a man in Quebec to buy health care on his own — striking down 30 years of precedent and giving advocates for private health care a major victory.

The case is known as the Chaoulli decision, after Dr. Jacques Chaoulli, who took action against the system after a patient was forced to wait nearly one year for a hip replacement. Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin and Justice John Major wrote in the decision: "The evidence in this case shows that delays in the public health care system are widespread, and that, in some serious cases, patients die as a result of waiting lists for public health care." Source

MK – Or in true leftist fashion, are they going to insist on making the same mistakes over and over and over or just simply claim that not enough money has been thrown at it, which really means leftists haven’t taxed you enough.

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