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Glenn Wheatley has been jailed for at least 15 months, becoming the first scalp of Australia's largest-ever tax fraud and money laundering investigation. Wheatley, who manages Australian music icon John Farnham, dodged paying more than $300,000 in tax by hiding money in a Swiss-based accounting firm and engaged in bogus offshore transactions. Source
Power, 55, yesterday lost his appeal against a jail term for possessing child pornography. However, acting Judge Brian Boulton of the District Court reduced his sentence from eight months to six on the grounds that prison would be particularly difficult for Power because of his former position as a prosecutor and the fact that he would have to serve his sentence in protective custody. Source
Sixteen judges across Australia face criminal prosecution and possible dismissal for ignoring Australian Tax Office (ATO) demands to file outstanding tax returns. The judges were yesterday warned by the ATO they would be charged for failing to comply with a request to file returns for the 2003-04 financial year, The Australian reported today. Source

MK – The first bit happened yesterday, the second bit also happened yesterday, wow, you get more for defrauding the tax man than for possessing & watching little children being raped, gee isn’t the law reassuring. But then you read the third bit that was reported in August 2005 and realize that, no it’s not really a case of one crime being worse than the other. Has anyone heard of any judges being jailed over not filing tax returns, didn’t they also withhold money that they should have paid?

If you or I failed to cough up $50 to the ATO, we’d regret we were ever born. Good luck telling them how you forgot to do your tax return or you forgot to pay them their pound of flesh. Did I hear someone shout out, one law for us peasants and another…

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