We'd be better to hang the damn judges...

SEVEN youths have pleaded guilty to their roles in the infamous Werribee DVD recording of a sex assault on a teenage girl – but it seems they will not face jail time.
Prosecutors told a Children's Court they had made “significant concessions” and would not ask for detention orders to be made against those to pleaded guilty.
The charges include one representative count of assault covering all the sex acts, two counts of procuring an act of sexual penetration by intimidation and one of making child pornography.
Those who pleaded guilty include three 17 year olds, two 18 year olds and two 16 year olds. None of them can be identified.
The court heard each defendant would be assessed for a supervision order, with an expert looking into their schools and home life to determine what level of counselling and support they require.
The prosecutor said the sexual offenders program would include education “in how not to treat women”.
The homemade DVD entitled, "C--- the Movie", came to light in June last year when it was distributed and sold to students at Werribee schools.
It was recorded by the teens in a park and shows the girl, who has a mild learning impairment, performing a sex act, being urinated on and having her hair set alight.

Children's court? These are young males (one hesitates to use the term "young men") not children. In the past males of this age have commanded men in battle, worked to support families in the absence of their fathers, married and brought up children of their own. Calling them "children" is no more than a device to allow them to escape responsibility for their actions.
Perhaps I was a little advanced for my age at 17, but I certainly didn't need counselling, support and education in how not to treat women to prevent me from raping a girl, urinating on her, setting her hair alight and then making a movie of it all for sale.
Now I'm a boring old fart, I realise how much my generation missed out on, how smart the current crop of yoofs are, how exciting the life they lead....
And how bloody lucky I am that I won't live to see the world scum like this will create.

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