Oh our feelings!!

Despite being knocked to the ground three times by an intoxicated youth as more than 40 people cheered the attacker on, Constable Denis Bergman remains upbeat. About 12.30am on Saturday, the 51-year-old Westport policeman responded to calls that a group of youths were causing a disturbance around the town, breaking windows and frightening residents. He told the Herald he attempted to break up the group but was confronted by a 15-year-old "obnoxious male" who refused to back off. Mr Bergman went to arrest the youth for disorderly behaviour but while reaching for his handcuffs, he was struck in the side of the head and fell to the ground. "It was like mob mentality. Kids were egging him on. It gave me a lot of concern.

It shouldn't have happened that way." And when Mr Bergman attempted to get up he was kicked in the back and fell again. He was wearing a stab vest which he believes softened the blow. During the attack the youth escaped. While calling for assistance Mr Bergman was struck in the neck and fell again. Within minutes three off-duty policemen arrived. Youths often congregated in the town on weekends but they usually moved on when police arrived. "It was totally out of character. You get to know these kids, most of them are nice kids. I was on first-name basis with the youth who attacked me." Source.

MK – I wonder if these rascals would be congregating every week, frightening residents and breaking their windows if one day when stones go into the house, bullets come flying back out. Oh I forgot we don’t do guns and old fashioned crap like kicking crotches, boot to ass and things like that anymore. With all due respect, I think constable Bergman needs to wake up, his touchy-feely, first-name basis and nice kids got him on the floor. I don’t know if cops in NZ are allowed to carry guns anymore, but he’s lucky they didn’t help themselves to his gun and shoot him in the ass with it. I guess this is why I can never be a cop, when confronted by a bunch of rascals like this, I’d have the Glock out making them dance, come on punks, take a break while I reload, everybody dance now!!!

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