Carlos the Jackal sneers at Al-Qaeda’s ‘amateur’ killers

But speaking from the Clair-vaux prison in northeast France last week he berated terrorist cells said to have targeted Britain, criticising them for plotting to kill ordinary people. In his first telephone interview with a newspaper, the Venezue-lan-born Vladimir Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, 57, said he was saddened by any loss of life in London, where he lived as a young man. He also attacked what he called a lack of professionalism in some cells linked to Al-Qaeda. “I’m not a sadist or a maso-chist – I don’t enjoy the suffering of others,” he claimed in a thick Latin American accent.

“When we had to eliminate them it was in a cold, simple way with the least pain possible.” “Kensington and Chelsea were places where I spent my youth, so I’m not happy about people getting killed in the streets of London,” he said. He condemned Al-Qaeda followers without specific targets, saying: “They are not professionals. They’re not organised. They don’t even know how to make proper explosives or proper detonators.” Source.

MK – Well I’m glad they aren’t professionals or at your level oh great murdering scumbag. So Carlos the Jackal is not happy about folks getting killed in his old hunting grounds ey, bit like those Jordanians lamenting the use of homicide bombers against them while the Jews escaped to live another day. Apparently Carlos is facing a new trial in January 2008, anyone know why he hasn’t just been taken out the back, a dozen clips emptied into him and his carcass tossed to some vultures and the whole thing posted on YouTube?

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