When the Enemy is at the Gates *

They don’t call for lawyers and contracts, they don’t ask us to sign here, there and initial as well, they grab their guns and head towards the sound of gunfire and explosions while we run the other way.
Three brave Marines urgently need your help. You may have heard of these Marines associated with an incident in Haditha, Iraq — an incident that has put them under threat of a court martial, perhaps leading to life imprisonment on unjustified charges of murder. In the course of what became a fierce, door-to-door, full-day battle, 24 Iraqis were killed — at least eight insurgent terrorists were believed to be among them. But some civilians were clearly killed in the crossfire.

Despite the loss of civilian life, the military was satisfied the Marines had acted properly because an intelligence officer, Capt. Jeff Dinsmore, had carefully monitored the engagement. Dinsmore kept a narrative complete with photos from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), transcripts of radio transmissions from the scene of action, and reports from some of the participants all the way up the command ladder. Dinsmore’s reports proved conclusively that the actions of the Marines were proper and justified.

Months later, in March of the next year, wild allegations began to surface that these Marines knowingly massacred innocent Iraqi civilians. The hysteria against these Marines was set off by a Time magazine reporter whose only sources were known insurgent propagandists, civilian supporters of al-Qaida, or civilians intimidated by al-Qaida thugs. On the basis of the Time story alone, and in the face of the fact that Time was forced to retract parts of the initial story four times, the media across the world reported that the Kilo Company Marines had gone on a rampage.

The Time report claimed Marines had massacred 24 innocent civilians on Nov. 19, 2005, in retaliation for the death by IED of one of their fellow Marines. In response to the media charges and those echoed by Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., and the result of a badly bungled investigation by the Naval Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS), the three heroes were falsely charged with a number of counts of murder. Since then, these Marine heroes and their parents have been living a life of total hell. Source (with more info).
When it’s their hour of need, it falls upon us to make some sacrifices and help where we can, they fight for us and they give us the right to blog and say what we want to say and to live in peace, help where you can folks. Thanks to The Midnight Sun, Conservative Thoughts and NewsMax, click the NewsMax link to help them help these marines

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