Win some, lose some.

The other day when we heard that Ford was going to cut 600 jobs at their Geelong plant, by axing the locally made engine currently doing service in their Falcon (and other) range. At the time, I heard on the radio that John Howard was being blamed for this.
Ford says the decision to begin producing the Focus in Australia from 2011 will create another 300 jobs at its Broadmeadows and Geelong plants. Source.
Well now that Ford has decided to build the Focus locally, creating 300 jobs, will we be thanking John Howard for this. It’s all nice and convenient to blame Howard for everything under the sun going wrong, but if we insist on doing this, how about giving some credit as well? In other news.
Test results from President Bush's colonoscopy have shown no cancer in the small growths removed from President Bush's colon, the White House announced Monday. "The president is in good health," said Snow, who has himself battled with colon cancer. "There is no reason for alarm." Source.
We all know how peace loving and tolerant leftists wish President Bush could be sent to a better worse place, so I thought I should send a few taunts their way. Sorry lefties your prayers to nothing have not been answered. President Bush is doing just fine, fit as a fiddle, will serve out the remaining years of his presidential term and you’ll just have to keeping whining and carping as always. Sucks to be you.

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