What a charming lot they are

MK - Must be peace loving, tolerant, free speech defending leftists I suppose. The following is a bit of the commentary in response to the YouTube video that Mr. Howard released yesterday about his initiative on tackling climate change. Is this the new generation, foul-mouthed, can’t string together a proper sentence, let alone actually make any sense?

All this man stands for is for big business and the destruction of our social fabric. basic services, education, healthcare, will become below standard for those who cannot afford the private alternative. Let's not forget the baby bonus where he gave $4000 to childeren to have unwanted babies, prepare for the 2020 crime wave. Honest John! Thanks for making Australia complicate with with the crimes in Iraq. Your legacy stinks!

Your a stupid wanker, no one is going to fall for this last minute crap. You will never get my vote, or any votes from anyone in my family. Fuck off back to Canberra you wanker. PS How does Peter Costellos knob taste?

Fuck off and die you slimey little toad. You will lose government and your seat at the next election. even im smarter den u n im freakin stupid fag

era sari was rite besliwa his head is d main reason for pollution all the shit he talks he releases like 25 million tons of shit talkn gas in the atmosphere and its killin us all u shit talkn muthafukr so shut the fuk up lmao

john haward ur a lil bitch ur hiding behind george bushh rofl u lil bitch i dare u to step into iraq u lil sad kent rofl have u seen ur eye brows sil teza

Cuzzie what tha fuck u say?? talk english brah not that scientific crap..

john ur head is the main reasin for polution rofl u talk to much shyt

john fuck up you skippy kunt dont fuck around with arabz.... you fuckfaced frekle face kunt!!!!

ahoo erap john cuz do u ever shutup do u want me to make a green house gas on ur head wallah ill stink up ur head lmao and den ppl can call u shithead rofl

ay john lisen i just wana make dis clear mother fuker the next terrorist attak wil be on ur head

aye john ur so fukn ugly bro i feel like chukkin a shit on ur head go shave ur eyebrows bfore i stik ma dik in ur mouth

aye john u gay cunt go shave ur eyebrows or ill stik ma arab dik in ur mouth
and ill gang bang u wit george bush and sari rofl i just wanna shine ur ugly head lmao ur so ugly bro dunt b cut gay cunt ill change the climate up ur ass u faggot

i want more immigrants so shut the fuk up u aussie fag eeeerrrrrr how hectik wuld it b if all d aussies had aids la boyz lmao

What a runty little liar. too little, far too late.

John Howard and Lexie Downer are war criminals and should be in jail

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