A fairytale?

Jo and Steph are a lesbian couple. Thirteen months ago, Steph gave birth to baby Elijah. Three months later, her partner, Jo, had little Martha in the same hospital. The babies are indeed genetic siblings. Both were conceived with the help of a syringe and a "donation" of sperm from the same man. The father? A drag queen the women met in a nightclub, whose recompense for getting them both pregnant was a cheap flight to Gran Canaria. Just to confuse matters, "Daddy" sometimes pushes the buggy, too. Ryan Egeley, a 23-year-old gay man, never wanted to be a hands-on father, but he did rather fancy the idea of being able to flit in and out of his children's lives when it pleased him. This set-up suits him perfectly. On top of all this, Elijah and Martha actually have another sibling. Three-year-old Jonah is the product of one of Jo's previous heterosexual relationships (his father is no longer on the scene). He calls Jo "Mummy" and Steph "Mama". "We had children together and we fell in love - it's just that we did things in reverse order to most people," explains Steph.

"We have a strong relationship. We adore each other and we adore our children. We are so very lucky." Of course, it will be an awfully long time, however, before any child in this household is old enough to understand what has gone on. But, for Jo, this does not matter. The important thing is that she is a mother. The two women have no plans to enter into a civil partnership - not that that would offer much more security - and seem worryingly blasÈ about the issue. "It doesn't matter. All that matters is that our children have lots of people who love them, and all we want is the very best for them," says Jo. "Nothing is for ever. I'm not going to sit here and say that Steph and I will still be together in ten years because no one can ever say these things. She remains convinced that her children are luckier than most. But what of the story about how they came into this world. Is that really one any child needs to hear? "We will tell them," say Jo. "I think we'll make it sound like a fairytale, because really, it is." Source. Emphasis, mine. It's a long and disturbing read.

MK - Yep off we go tumbling merrily, merrily down that slope, no worries we sing, you can stop whenever you want to. Unfortunately for the children, they’re coming along for the ride, whether they want to or not and they’ll keep tumbling on even after the 'adults' decide to stop.

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