Guardians of Democracy, let the wailing begin

This was brought to our attention by one of our regular commenters kman. I’ve never even heard of this associate Professor Jake Lynch, here is part of what he wrote in the Syrian Moaning Herald. Hopes in the voices of whiners or something to that effect.
In a few weeks, the fume-filled caverns of Sydney's central business district, where the action sequences of The Matrix were filmed, will host the visit of the US President, George Bush. At street level - coffee level [see our assertions of “latte belt” are proven, ah vindication] - dissenting voices will be raised, protesting against the world's biggest military machine and its commander-in-chief.

These are the people who tried valiantly to alert us to the idiocy of Operation Talisman Sabre, the biggest military exercise on Australian soil, which has just taken place in Queensland and the Northern Territory, involving as many as 20,000 US troops and 7500 Australians and featuring simulated urban warfare in what's officially dubbed a "culturally non-specific" mock town. No wonder Defence won't tell us where it's supposed to represent.
Yeah I did hear about some hippies and other hygienically challenged folks heading up the coast to whinge and whine about Talisman Sabre, at the time I thought these were just a bunch of fools, high on some sort of illegal substance. Who would have thought learned professors would be admiring such fools. He also said some physic crap about the Crusades, I tend not to dwell too much on leftist ramblings, you never know, you might catch what they have.
And, as Voltaire said, those who can persuade us to believe absurdities can persuade us to commit atrocities. So, remember, when you see news pictures of activists being carted off by robocops guarding delegates to the APEC summit, their dissent from the official line is keeping alive the prospect of peace - a prospect so many have struggled for, in World War II and Cold War, before and since. They, in short, are the guardians of democracy and the hope of a safer world that we could now create. Source.
I guess the message to ADF and US Army is, disband, lay down your weapons, go home and join some eco-village with methane-free, nuclear-free, no-war zone organic farms. There is no longer any need for your brute force and mean guns, use your KABAR to chop lettuce and tofu instead. There is a new breed of warrior now, whining is their main strength, their secret weapons are the whinge and the placard, their most devastating weapon, one you cannot even touch, is the online petition.

I wonder what former soldiers think of these “guardians of democracy”, you know those soldiers who actually left home to put their backsides on the line for the peace and freedom this Associate Professor currently enjoys. By the way, when I’ve seen pictures of these “guardians of democracy” waging their new-age war for us (aren’t we blessed), I usually see them sporting Che Guevara t-shirts and carping on about socialism. I didn’t know that Che used to be a “guardian of democracy” and I thought Socialism and Democracy weren’t quite the same thing. Thanks kman.

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