Justice for Banaz Mahmod?

Three family members of honour killing victim Banaz Mahmod have been jailed for life at the Old Bailey today. The 20-year-old's father, Mahmod Mahmod, 54, was among the three men sentenced, and will have to serve a minimum term of 20 years. His brother Ari, 51, will serve a minimum of 23 years.

A third killer Mohamad Hama, 30, was told he would spend at least 17 years in prison. Hama and three other men who have left the country killed her during two hours of torture at her home. She was raped and subjected to degrading sex acts before succumbing to an agonising death. She was garrotted for five minutes but took half an hour to die as Hama stamped on her neck to "let her soul out". Source. Via Conservative Beach Girl.

MK – After she was killed she was buried in a suitcase under a patio. I don’t know why they bother calling it life, when they’ll be out in 20 years or thereabouts. Should really have been electrocuted for a minimum of 5 minutes, the longer it takes for them to die the better really and a well publicized burial in a pig sty, oh and get the UK government to fund this pig sty so that there is never a shortage of pigs to continuously desecrate their graves, that should send the appropriate message. But I suppose we don't have the stomach for that sort of thing. May Banaz rest in peace.

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