Some accused are more equal than others

FORMER NSW state Labor MP Steven Chaytor has had his assault conviction quashed in the NSW District Court. Mr Chaytor, 30, was convicted in January for kicking his former lover, Fee Fen Njoo, during a fight at their Sydney home last December. Judge Ashford also quashed an 18-month apprehended violence order against Mr Chaytor.

He was expelled from the Australian Labor Party (ALP), with NSW Premier Morris Iemma at the time declaring he would not sit in parliament with someone who hit a woman. A spokesman for Mr Iemma said today the Premier would comment on the latest turn. He said any reinstatement of the former MP to the ALP remained a matter for the party. Source.

MK – That’s lefties for you, if the guy was a Muslim Doctor or something, it’s innocent, wrongfully accused, witch-hunt, HoWARd & his regime, wait till a bomb explodes, gulags and what not. But if you don’t quite fit their minority profile or can’t be used to bash up John Howard, do go looking for help from lefties. Chaytor fits the picture of the hated whitey and his former lover is a woman and of non-white background, sorry, you’re all outta luck Steven. Chaytor is lucky she had not since become a lesbian; the lefties would probably have reversed their opposition to capital punishment just for him.

Back when Chaytor was first charged and facing trial Mr Iemma was full of comment, couldn’t keep his mouth shut, screw all that innocent until proven guilty, wouldn’t sit next to a fellow who beat women and all that. Well now that that Chaytor has been cleared, we can’t reach Premier Iemma, no comment, not his problem, must be out looking for the cat that got his tongue.

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