Leftists caught lying - Again

CHILDREN as young as eight are being taught to sing sorry to Aborigines, sparking concerns that NSW students are being "politically indoctrinated". A widely distributed song book, which has been used in NSW for 40 years, has included Sorry Song about the Stolen Generation in its recent editions. School principal Jenny Maude told Mr East children didn't listen to the words and since Mr East made a complaint they have stopped singing the song.

Teachers Federation deputy president Angelo Gavrielatos defended the song, saying exploitation of Aboriginal culture needed to be recognised. When one eight-year-old boy arrived home confused about the issue, his father labelled the song's inclusion a "political stunt". Hamish East, of Kiama, said he had to explain the meaning of the song to his son Brian when he believed he had done something wrong. "(He) arrived home from school and asked 'How come I have to say sorry for stealing the Aborigines' children?'. Source.

MK – If they’re not listening to the song, why did this kid come home confused over it and what’s the point of the song then. They’re just lying, it goes to show, you can never trust these leftist sacks of crap, give them half the chance and they’ll be shoving their half-baked theories and self-loathing mentality down the throats of your children. When will leftists get over this obsession with ‘sorry’, if they’re really sorry, they’d pack up and leave.

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