from The Midnight Sun:
"Wake up to a nightmare! On three continents, you can be put into jail for expressing an opinion, and no I’m not talking about Africa, South America or Asia.
Do you like to say what you like on your blog? Hate crimes laws already in place in Australia almost put two Christian pastors into jail recently and cost them many thousands of dollars in legal fees for a mild criticism of the Qu’ran. In Germany, a Lutheran pastor was jailed for voicing his disagreement with abortion. Europe is pushing for the silencing of all voices for Creationism, against homosexuality and even against immigration. RIGHT NOW in the U.S., there is a fight for liberty going on. You’d better watch what you say if you disagree with homosexuality, Islam or any other pet cause of the Left. The ‘hate crimes’ lobby are determined to push legislation through the Senate in the U.S. which will have you put into jail...."
The whole thing makes for frightening reading. And this is being quietly introduced below the radar, since the MSM is either deliberately ignoring it or actively colluding with the project.
Forget any idea you may have of this legislation being overturned or repealed once it's in place--no politician I know of has ever willingly given up government powers.
Once in place, it's in place for good. And how long before criticising individual politicians becomes a "hate crime", eh?

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