Last word on the Haneef case from me

Actually I haven’t really said anything from the start, but never mind. In my view, some leftie fruitcakes need to take a long cold shower. Ok, a few backsides need to get kicked, for making stuff up, maybe the odd apology, for making stuff up, but that’s about it. The Howard-haters obviously want him sacked and the anti-terror laws scrapped, not going to happen, so buy some lemons and get over it. From my understanding the immigration minister acted according to advice given by the Australian Federal Police (AFP), well what else did we want him to do? Say the AFP calls the immigration minister and tells him, listen we think xyz is busy plotting death and terror. The immigration minister can hardly be expected to tell them to piss off and launch his own investigation to verify their story, before acting on the advice.

As for the anti-terror laws, another cold shower is needed, the guy was arrested, held and the whole thing went up in flames when it came before the court. The way some people are carrying on is like Dr. Haneef spent 55 years, being beaten everyday in jail or was almost shot by a firing squad if not for their boring placards and petitions. We have to look at this incident as not in some sort of vacuum, Muslim Doctors were caught just weeks ago in the UK plotting to murder and maim as many people as they could. Haneef is a Doctor and a Muslim, he is also the cousin to one of them; he is not some native of the Amazon jungle who was selling cookies and native artworks in Australia when he got caught up in all this.

It is regrettable the he could not see his new born baby and had to spend a week or two in custody, but that’s just tough, it’s not like he got his legs and fingers broken, he can still go home now and carry on with his life. Ultimately we need to put all this into perspective, there are many fathers, mothers, sons, daughters and other relatives who will never go home from New York, Bali, London, Yemen, Madrid, Beslan etc. If the odd person gets a bit inconvenienced by all this, then tough, suck it up, move on and lay the blame where it actually belongs, not just at those who are doing their best to protect us.

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