this just in: Muslims seethe and whine!

"SYDNEY: The case of Dr. Mohammed Haneef, who has been charged in Australia with giving material support to the men behind the attempted terrorist bombings in London and Glasgow, has raised concern among members of the Muslim community and human rights lawyers in Australia.

"It's clear that these laws wouldn't be applied in the same way if he weren't a Muslim," said Keysar Trad, the head of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia.
It's clear that these laws wouldn't be necessary Trad, you lying little sack of crap if not for the ideology you and your fellow muslims cling to. So if an innocent muslim gets snagged in them, you know the answer--stop the bombing and butchering.
And by the way: your Islamic Friendship Association is no more than a front to push your stinking agenda. Shove it up your ass.

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