Of Terrorists and Things

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Of course, I’m talking about our latest leftist cause celeb: Mohamed Haneef. A resident Muslim doctor, detained with a one way ticket to India and on his way out of Australia, after having been implicated (no matter how indirectly) in an attempted bombing in Britain.

So what are we to do?

We don’t know what he knows (or doesn’t know). What we do know is that he wanted to leave Aus’ – in a hurry. Maybe he read the names of his beloved pals in the MSM, and realised he needed to leave, pronto. I’ll grant that – no sweat. But maybe he knows more than he's letting on. That's not such a far stretch, either. . .

So here’s the scenario: we let him go, only to later discover that he was the lynchpin in a plot that cost a few thousand Australian lives. And here's the rub:

Lefty response (from experience): HoWARd’s to blame, because he shouldn’t have let this person go – HoWARd’s incompetent and should be tried for murder.

On the other hand, we don’t let him go, erring on the side of safety (and offending so-called leftist sensibilities, which only seem to extend to potential terror threats, because we all know that's a ruse orchestrated by evil HoWARd), given what we know of the scale of potential death stemming from certain Jihadist plots, and. . .

Lefty response (from experience): HoWARd’s to blame for trampling civil liberties and attempting to institute a fascist state of fear and repression.

Reality is, we have a Government erring on the side of public safety (thank God), and choosing the latter course. Meanwhile, we have a legal team (Hanneef’s) that should arguably be prosecuted for perverting the course of justice, in its attempt to, well, pervert the course of justice.

Haneef can wait. And when we're satisfied he is not a danger to us and ours (and doesn't know something that might save a few thousand lives), then he can go back home to India, with our blessing.

In the mean time, f*ck off.

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