Pro-lifers appeal to hearts of cold stone

LifeNews - Congressional pro-life Democrats have sent their third letter in recent months to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asking that she allow a vote on an amendment to strike the abortion funding in HR 3200, the health care bills. Now, in total, 38 Democrats have requested such an amendment. ......The letter notes that, during his address to Congress on health care, President Obama stated that "no Federal dollars will be used to fund abortions."

......In June, a collection of Democrats signed a letter to Pelosi with a non-perfunctory request that the House not advance any health care bill that doesn't specifically prohibit abortion coverage or funding. ......Another smaller group of Democrats authored a third letter in July saying they don't want any abortion funding or mandates in the health care bill the House is considering. ......Despite the letters, it appears ruling pro-abortion Democrats will not allow their colleagues a chance to vote on the Stupak amendment that would strike abortion funding.
Doesn't surprise me in the least, in fact if that left-of-commie-pelosi allowed such a vote it would surprise me more. Barry hussein lied about abortion not being funded by Federal money, it was a lie when he and his tele-prompter first uttered it with a straight face and it remains a lie to this day. She knows it and that's why she won't allow it, why else would the sniveling weasels refuse to put it in writing or legislation.

It's in the nature of leftists, they can't and won't stand by and allow a baby to escape the blades. They'll happily dither and waffle back and forth over funding the war in Afghanistan and pray to any and all gods for America to be defeated and humiliated, but they'll never hide a dollar from abortion. In the 8 long years of Bush, people were freed from tyrants, babies in America and outside escaped the blades because he wasn't so keen on funding abortions and having meetings with mass-murderers.

Leftists will never forgive him and America for that, and they'll be damned if anything or anyone stopped them from catching up to where their scumbag hero clinton left off. America can become bankrupt, you folks can even be earning 10c an hour but the left will do their very best to ensure abortion is on top of the funding priority-list.

Only thing you should do to stop them from using your money for their evil, boot them out at the local and state elections and at the first opportunity, put the boot into barry and the wicked witch as well.

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