Good on the New York Mets

Arutz Sheva - In the face of far-left, Arab and Muslim opposition, the New York Mets organization has decided to honor its commitment to rent its Caesar's Club for a fundraiser benefiting the Jewish community of Hevron. Shortly after the venue for the Hebron Fund dinner in support of the Jews of Hevron was publicized, eleven organizations sent a letter to the Mets management calling upon them to disallow the event at Citi Field. ......The news of the Mets' decision was greeted by both Jewish organizations and individuals with expressions of great admiration.

The National Council of the Young Israel Movement, representing organized Jewish communities and synagogues in the United States, wrote to the New York Mets management: "Your refusal to be intimidated by abhorrent acts of coercion by the groups calling for the cancellation of the Hebron Fund event is extremely noteworthy. By rejecting the hate-filled calls to inhibit the Hebron Fund’s freedom of expression and standing firm in its beliefs of what is right, the New York Mets organization displayed a degree of intestinal fortitude that is genuinely appreciated not just by our organization, but by the greater Jewish community."
And you can bet that the screaming from the left and the pro-palestinians will be full of hate and vitriol. That's the nature of them, given the option between people who are really peaceful and want to contribute something positive to the world and people who haven't produced a damn thing and only bring death and mayhem and the left always choose death and mayhem. And see below, for another example.
Washington Times - As President Obama considers the way forward in Afghanistan, factions within his party are increasingly torn between their strong wish to bring U.S. troops home and their equally passionate desire to protect Afghans — particularly Afghan women — from a return of the dark rule of the Taliban.
Remember how they crowed during the Bush years that Afghanistan was the just war, that the taliban had to be stopped. We all know how they wail about women's rights. Just try and put any limits on abortion and leftists wail about how we want women tied up in the kitchen, bare-foot, pregnant and oppressed. But when it comes to some actual women's rights and actually doing something about it, like freedom from the bastard taliban, like the right to carry a weapon to protect themselves from rapists and murderers and suddenly leftists are 'torn, divided, confused and befuddled.'

Even as sharia encroaches upon the western world, as honor-killings, beatings and jihadist terror spreads, the left insist on carrying water for the jihadists, they clamor to make excuses for them and smear those who tell it like it is. That is the nature of the modern-day left, they are enemies of freedom, justice and liberty.

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