A win for personal responsibility

News.com.au - The High Court overturned a Tasmanian Supreme Court ruling that had ultimately found a pub and its licensee had breached duties of care which led a customer's death. The case examined whether the pub had breached duties of care involving returning the patron's keys to him prior to his motorbike crash and death in 2002. Australian Hotels Association spokesman Hamish Arthur said the case was an "extremely tragic event" that did little to ease the pain of the family concerned. ......"I think what we saw yesterday reinforced the need for customers in all licensed premises across Australia, not just hotels, to take responsibility for their own actions," Mr Arthur told ABC Radio.
Good thing I was sitting down when I read this, otherwise I would have fallen down; good grief, we're actually telling people to bloody wake up to themselves and grow a brain! Why on earth pubs and hotels are deemed responsible for how much people drink is beyond me. It's like telling a fellow selling pies that he's to blame when some fat-ass strolls around to his shop and orders more than one pie and then dies of a heart attack the next day.

Pubs and bars, like every business, are there to make money, they're not social workers who want to sit with you, hold your hand and examine your feelings or something. If you drink too much and end up around some pole on the way home, that's your problem and one for the police who are supposed to keep morons like you off the road. So well done to the High Court for getting this right, and to boot, there must be a lot of lefties upset over this ruling, see below in JR's post for a leftist whining over it, how dare the pubs make profits and not be punished in some way! They can choke on their outrage.

And while the high court is at it, how about telling the authorities that they have no right to fine us adults for not wearing a seatbelt in our cars. Think about it, if we have to be forced to wear seat belts because they keep us safe, why not ban sky-diving, base-jumping, surfing, drinking etc. Sure, wearing a seat belt is safer if you get into an accident, but why shouldn't you be given the choice to be safe or unsafe. And to top it off, you or I driving without a seat belt does not endanger anyone else on the road, I say it's an infringement on my liberty and should be turfed like the above.

And while I'm on some good news, the DC Sniper, John Allen Muhammad was executed today; they put a needle into the bastard and sent him to hell, where he belongs. It might be cold comfort as the muslim bastard remained full of hate till the end, but at least he'll never be let out by some scumbag politician to murder anyone else.

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