The voters are crystal-clear - EMBATTLED Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull has indicated he will not give up the fight to pass the Rudd Government's Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) despite mass resignations from his frontbench. "I am the leader of the Liberal Party,'' Mr Turnbull said in Canberra. "I was confirmed as such .... just 24 hours ago.'' Mr Turnbull said he was committed to taking action on climate change and the direction in which he had taken the Liberal Party. ...A string of senior Liberals have been in and out of Mr Turnbull's office this evening amid what Mr Abbott described as a party "meltdown".
For my non-Australian readers, this might not seem like big news but I feel that it's a sign of things to come, not just here in Australia but in other parts of the western world. Australia is currently led by a party that is largely leftist in nature, their leader is kevin rudd and the fellow above is the leader of the supposedly conservative opposition.

Long story short, the leftist administration wants to pass a new tax to cut our carbon emissions, knowing fully well that it won't change the weather or save the world. None the less, the clown masquerading as the leader of the opposition party supports this new tax [with a few changes] for some reason.

Naturally there was a lot of fighting within his own party because a lot of them did not want this new tax, but that didn't stop it and turnbull managed to keep it together and beat them all into line in support of the government. That was on tuesday evening, but since yesterday and today, it's been wave after wave of angry voters calling, emailing and doing everything they can to let the opposition know that if they support the lefties, they'll be savaged at the next election.

I listen to talkback radio as often as possible and I can tell you, I haven't heard it run this thick, hot and strong in a long, long time. By this afternoon, many opposition members had lost their intestinal fortitude and turned on their leader and in favor of Australia. There is no way in hell that turnbull will survive as the leader of the opposition now, it's only a matter of days before this fellow leaves or is man-handled out by either his party or members of the electorate.

There is a warning in all this, not just for conservatives, but for lefties everywhere, especially ones that are in power now, the people have caught onto this global warming bullsh*t and they can turn from apathetic to white-hot in just a matter of days. The message that has been conveyed to anyone with the brains to figure it out is this, no matter how weak the opposition is, all it takes is for an ambitious conservative candidate to step forward and any majority that a leftie or closet-leftie might hold now will be razor-thin come election time.

Just woke up this morning to post this here and it's still running white-hot on the talkback lines folks. They even had to change the program schedule and the website has even gone down. So take heart and spread the word to those politicians who are masquerading as your leaders.

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