Where is the common sense?

News.com.au - VICTORIA Police say they are worried about an alarming spike in sexual assaults against teenage girls. ...Detective Inspector Glenn Davies from the Sexual Crimes Squad said of the 47 serious sexual assault crimes investigated between June and September, 28 involved female victims aged under 17, with those aged 14 to 16 featuring most prominently. ...He also said the young women were often incapable of giving consent because they were intoxicated and in some instances were being intimidated by large groups of men.
Putting the criminality and evil of raping someone aside, what the heck are 14 year-olds doing partying and getting drunk with large groups of men. Is something going on out there that drains people of common sense and also prevents their brain from engaging. And what about the parents of these teenagers, what the heck are they doing letting their kids go off to get drunk with strangers and coming back with their lives destroyed.

Is it so hard to tell teenagers that you can't go out in the middle of the night, yes, I realize they know the answers to all the worlds problems and parents are just dopes and all that, but it can't be that hard to tell em' to get upstairs, shut up and suck it up, can it. And what about teenagers, in this world of facebook, mobile phones, texting, calling, wi-fi, beepers and every other bloody thing to communicate, is it too hard to call someone who gives a damn to get your drunken ass home? Even cleverer, is it so hard to think ahead and do the math, party with 10 guys, 3 girls, maybe not a brilliant idea to go, let alone go and get stoned and plastered.

I don't know folks, is it 'uncool' to tell kids not to play with matches, is it 'cool' to let them dance around in the fire.

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