Slimestream & elites still dodging islam - US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has announced a review of the Fort Hood shootings to examine if the military had missed warning signs or remained "vulnerable" to similar assaults. The 45-day review would look at possible "lapses or problems" before this month's army base shooting that killed 13 people and "what can we do to prevent something like this from happening again", Mr Gates said.
Oh what lies, if they really wanted to know why and how to prevent it, they'd at least start by accepting that hasan was a muslim scumbag who killed all those people in the name of islam. Oh and the only reason he only killed 14 (including the unborn baby) was because a brave officer shot the scumbag and stopped him.

All these days later the slimestream media are still dodging the truth, even some conservative pundits have swallowed the bullsh*t that hasan was just a troubled fellow, troubled by the war he never fought in, troubled unlike all the other medical personnel who treated soldiers returning from the war. No sir, only the beautiful hasan saw all those troops, thousands and thousands of them every single day. Finally the poor, beautiful soul that is nidal hasan lost it and slaughtered the very soldiers he was so desperate to help.

I know, you could get more logic and sense from a freaking baboon! I don't see much about the islam-inspired killings on the news anymore, the slimestream media have chosen to ignore it and refuse to report it altogether now. Now you only see the carrying of water for islamist scum in the internet media reports.

If you read the above article in full, there is no mention of 'islam' or 'muslim', it wouldn't surprise me one bit if they want to lie about it and say he was a Christian but are afraid they'll get caught out for it. All the way down at the bottom is some obscure mention that hasan was in contact with some Yemeni cleric, who incidentally 'blessed' the murders at Fort Hood. Again, nothing about islam or that he was a muslim cleric, could have been one of those wicked Buddhists for all we know.

Despite the following mass-murders by muslims in the name of islam.
Bomb attack kills police in northwestern city of Peshawar.
Bomber kills 19 outside court in Peshawar.
Suicide attack kills 10 in Oruzgan province.
It matters nothing, they all don't understand islam, the cleric who blessed it is just confused, the whores masquerading as unbiased journalists in the pursuit of truth know islam far better that those who memorized the koran. Yes, islam=peace, mohammed was a beautiful man pursuing gay rights, freedom from tyranny and social justice, sort of like a modern-day community organizer. Don't blame islam, these are just extremists who distort the religion, you get the same extremists in all religions etc.

The truth is that western governments don't really give a damn and our elites are actively fighting with and supporting the enemy.

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