Politikal Korrektness Kills Soldiers

One of the main tactics that the "progressive" pukes - those benighted "useful fools" which used to call themselves "liberals" - use to gain control of the thought processes of society is "politikal korrektness".

Simply put:
Words are aural/written representations of ideas.
If you control which words are "acceptable", then you control which concepts may be debated.
If you control the debate, you can largely control which direction society moves.
Ultimately, the "pc police" will decide which species of human are "more equal" than the rest of us.

Who are the pc police?
Think about it.
Aren't they the creatures that decreed we're not supposed to "judge people"?
Aren't they the creatures that scream "racism" at the drop of a misplaced joke?
Aren't they the creatures that can piss on a crucifix and call it "art", but get their knickers in a comprehensive twist at the RUMOR of a Qur'an being dropped in a toilet?
Aren't they the creatures that have declared every "citizen of the world" is owed an apology by the greedy, evil white devils of Western Civilization.
Aren't they the creatures who caution us to
"not to jump to conclusions" about the TERRORIST ACT at Ft. Hood.

When you arrive at the answers for those questions, you know who is responsible for protecting the ass-hat who murdered 13 unarmed people
yesterday, despite the fact that he'd been telegraphing his insanity long before the assault.

Time for Politikal Korrektness to die.
...before more Americans do.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the dead and wounded.
As for the shooter, the sooner he decorates the end of a rope, the better.
...hang his sorry ass right beside those who continue to preach the death-cult of "politikal korrektness".

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