You've been warned obama

FOX News - Republican gubernatorial wins in New Jersey and Virginia mark a troubling turn for President Obama, whose personal efforts couldn't stop the fall of Democrats facing a voter backlash over the economy and a notable uptick in the government's would-be role in people's lives. ......"What this is tonight, this victory here tonight, is a warning shot, and it says to the moderate Democrats in the House that they ought to think twice about continuing to pursue the policies of this White House and (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi," said Virginia Republican Rep. Eric Cantor.
Great to hear people are waking up to the left. I hope barack hussein is watching and getting the message the voters are sending him, you lied when you promised all that BS back during the campaign and the people are on to you obama. The msm might still be spit-polishing your boots to a mirror-like shine, but the people are on to you. Time to ditch the socialist and communist dreams chump and govern as your masters demand of you.

The way I see it, if Obama doesn't heed the call of the people and carries on anyway, he'll become a even bigger headache for the left. People will not forget and they won't vote for the Democrats for a long time. Who would have thought, someone could go from hopey-changey, lead you into utopia, a god even; into an anchor dragging them down. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving gaggle of scumbags if you ask me.

On a side note, given that el presidente barack obama has been lording over America for almost a year now, can anyone list some of his accomplishments, apart from promoting gay-sex, abortions, communism, freedom-hating dictators and islamic terrorism, that is?

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