Australia land of the free go! - Indonesian officials yesterday confirmed that between 16 and 20 of the ethnic Tamils had accepted a generous Australian offer of rapid resettlement and were likely to be transferred to the Australia-funded Tanjung Pinang Detention Centre within days. ...Under Australia's deal with the asylum seekers, those already judged to be refugees will be resettled within four to six weeks. Those later assessed to be refugees will be resettled within 12 weeks. Yesterday's breakthrough came as Immigration Minister Chris Evans conceded that most of those found to be genuine refugees would be resettled in Australia.
Unless you're some sort of bone-head neanderthal you'd know that 100% of them will be brought to Australia, given citizenship, welfare, housing, healthcare and everything under the sun. Forget that bullsh*t about "most of those...", it's a lie now and it'll remain a lie after all 100% of them are resettled here in Australia. I think it's safe to say that their families from Sri Lanka will be brought here too. All because kevin rudd is a lying gutless wonder.

Unbelievable isn't it, hijack an Australian navy ship and you get citizenship in under a month, what a joke this country has become under the 'fresh ideas and new leadership' of kevin rudd, the cowardly, lying gutless wonder masquerading as our prime minister. All this fellow had to do was tell the navy to kick them off the ship, it wasn't like anyone was demanding that kevvie get on the ship with his sauce bottle and do it himself or something. Either kick them off or send them back to Sri Lanka.

He waffled about this solution and that solution, how he had balls and would decide this and that, all amounted to nothing, just empty farts from a gutless wonder. So now the message is out there, only idiots apply for permanent residence and then wait another few years for citizenship in Australia. Do it the easy way, get on a boat, sail towards Australia, call for help, when you see the navy ship approaching, punch a few holes into your boat and jump into the sea. Once on board, refuse to get off, scream racism, brandish the odd child/baby and bang! You're in, free food, housing, welfare, healthcare etc.

Oh and just you watch as the lying gutless wonder holds a press conference and tells you how his immigration policy is tough, tough as nails, and that he makes no apologies for it.

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