Kevin repays his working families - KEVIN Rudd's Emissions Trading Scheme will increase the average family's bills by about $1100 a year. Based on the Federal Government's own modelling, by 2012 the ETS will add more than 20 per cent to electricity tariffs - a surge of nearly $300 for typical households already reeling in New South Wales from a similar blow from the state pricing tribunal in July.
I understand that much of the media is focusing on the opposition and their various shenanigans, no doubt to help take the heat off their favorite sauce-boy, but make no mistake Australia, this is kevin rudds tax. Don't get me wrong, I am really pissed off with malcolm the useless pustule, but at the end of the day, that's all malcolm is, a useless pustule.

Sure, malcolm could have gone to the nearest sports store and bought himself a pair of balls to oppose sauce-boys' new tax, but if sauce-boy hadn't pushed for this tax, there wouldn't be shit to oppose by malcolm the useless pustule. So ultimately, this taxing of the Australian tax payer is on kevin rudd and the labor party.

The only thing malcolm has done is present himself as kevin's bitch and ensure that labor will most definitely win the next election and continue lying to, stealing from and impoverishing Australia. Some have suggested that malcolm the useless pustule should quit the coalition and just join the alp, where he belongs. To be quite blunt malcolm is already a member of the alp, how else do you explain his actions which contribute so much to their coming election win. Seriously, you can't get much more loyalty than this folks.

Back to kevin's tax, just remember as you are paying more and more for every bloody thing Australia, the climate won't stop changing, if it's warming or cooling, it'll just carry on warming or cooling as your bank account gets smaller and smaller. The world isn't going to follow your dumbass example no matter how much kevin carries on like a poofter on the world stage. And mark my words, no matter how much you sacrifice with zero results, it will never be enough, it'll never be quite warm/cool enough, the wind will always be a bit too strong, the rain a bit too little, the smoke always too much and your emissions will never be reduced enough.

The barrier reefs will still be on the brink of extinction and destruction 20 years from now, the polar bears will still be drifting out in the pacific, the seas will still be rising and on the verge of swallowing up all those beachside mansions which for some odd reason will still remain unaffordable. No matter how many jobs are lost or sent over seas, you won't get any reprieve. You can recycle, stop bathing, eat your own crap, walk, cycle, hold your breath, go vegan etc, but it won't matter, the end will always be nigh and you must pay, always.

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