The spirit of scumbaggery*

Daily Mail - The BBC has dropped plans to air a controversial ballet after discovering that it features a deformed Pope who sexually abuses alter boys and rapes pregnant women. The Spirit of Diaghilev prompted boos and a walkout from some of the audience last month when it premiered at Sadlers Wells in London. But the BBC had already announced it would televise the production, which is made of up of four different performances.

...At the time, BBC 4 controller Richard Klein said it was “the combination of one of the most inventive and musically exciting ballet scores being performed by one of Britain’s foremost dance groups”. The broadcaster is now insisting the programme was commissioned before the ‘finer details were established.’ ...A misshapen, hunchbacked Pope is show raping and assaulting members of his flock, and his alter servants.
The good ol' bbc eh, sucking off the taxpayer teat, but like all leftist organizations that are sucking off the teat of the taxpayers, they have nothing but contempt and hate for them. I have a feeling too that this ballet company or whoever made this crap is also sucking at the taxpayers teat. Has to be, something about living off others money breeds contempt and loathing for the hands that feed.

I always wonder though, can we expect any of these cretins to ever have the balls to make one of these 'ballets' about the religion of violence, death and cruelty. After all, it's simply common knowledge now that the followers of the religion of peace have been killing and slaughtering their way all across this planet. Unless off course you're some sort of dumb leftie.

And yet, these bwave, bwave 'artists' only have the balls to focus on Christianity, smear the Pope with just plain lies, urinate on the Bible and do depraved, disgusting crap like that. Sometimes I wonder if God is watching all this and as usual he's about a 100 steps ahead of us, so he knows that the more we insult and sin against him, the more we're really just shooting ourselves in the ass.

Think about it, if these so-called artists keep attacking Christianity, the Pope etc, the quicker Islam will take over, but do you see any ballets coming out of taliban central, not many musicals, books and such coming out of Somalia are there. It wasn't that long ago when muslims were tossing grenades into stores that sold music and it wasn't men in tights dancing on their toes who came to fight them off.

The way I see it, keep pushing you leftie assholes, your payback has already been arranged.

* There's no such word as scumbaggery, I made it up one day and I liked it, so I'm sticking with it. :)

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