Indian Sikh to join BNP

Times Online - A Sikh who claims that Islam is based on “deception, fraud and surprise attack” is set to become the first non-white member of the British National Party. Rajinder Singh, 78, who emigrated from the Punjab region of India in 1967, said today that he would be honoured to become a member of the BNP because it is the “only party who has the guts to say the word Muslim”.

“It’s a natural process in the Muslim psyche, to take over [the country]. The fear of Islam is well founded, well justified,” he told The Times. “I don’t hate Muslims. By definition a Sikh is supposed to love all — even the enemy.” The retired schoolteacher will be put forward by the far Right party’s executive as its first non-white member after it makes changes to its constitution. The BNP was forced to agree to the changes in September after the Equality and Human Rights Commission took legal action against the party claiming that its rules, which restricted membership to “indigenous Caucasians”, were a breach of the Race Relations Act.

“I think Britain is a lot more important than me. I have to put my own ego aside and think for Britain. They were (racist) but if they pass this bill they will not be.” ...Mr Singh told The Times that Britain was in danger of being taken over by Muslims and the BNP was the only party prepared to do anything about it. He blames Islam for the death of his father during the partition of India in 1947, which led to the deaths of an estimated two million Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus.
One of the solutions the haters of the BNP in Britain refuse to accept is that they can very easily stop the growing support of the BNP. You see, instead of caterwauling about the racism and trying to ban, smear and stifle the BNP into submission through any means possible, all they have to do is simply to adopt the legitimate concerns of those who are going to the BNP, like Rajinder Singh above. If they really cared about Britain and the citizens of Britain, they'd at least try and address their legitimate concerns about immigration and multi-culturalism and if they displayed a genuine willingness to do something about them, there would be no need for Rajinder Singh to join or vote for the BNP.

But you see, they don't really care about Rajinder Singh and those like him who have sensible and legitimate concerns about muslim immigration and integration, if he were white, they'd brand and smear him as a racist, bigot and everything else they could think of. And so, people like him will move in their droves from the mainstream parties and guess what's going to happen after that.

The other thing I'd like to talk about is the BNP's rule about excluding non-whites, I've always thought that this leaves them at a disadvantage because it excludes people like Rajinder Singh from supporting them. However, can anyone tell me why a political party should not be allowed to make their own rules about who can join them?

If someone started a club for women only and refused membership for men, why can't they do this? If there was a Blacks-only party, should they be forced to open it up to non-blacks, will the above Equality and Human Rights Commission pursue them with the same vigor and passion? The Miss India UK pageant is only for women of Indian origin, that's fine with me but isn't that racism, why isn't Equality and Human Rights Commission running after them and suing them into submission.

The way I see it, if you don't like the BNP's membership policy or parties that refuse membership based on skin-color or anything else, then don't vote for them or join them. You are free to campaign against them, debate them and protest them peacefully, but you can't sue them into submission or force them to bend to your will. My feeling is that most people out there will simply ignore such parties, unless off course no one else gives a damn about them.

Can you convince me otherwise?

P.S. This is not an invitation for hate-filled lefties to start raving and ranting at me for daring to speak.

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