This pathetic excuse of a politician is reaching new depths of stupid every damned day.
In Japan, a bow that deep is what a beggar renders to his king.
Just like the one he did when he went to kiss the...er, ring....of the Saudi king.

I've got no problem if this Chicago punk wants to schlep around the planet, offering his ass for everyone to kick - hell, I'd love to put a boot-print on his britches, myself! - BUT NOT WHEN HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE THE PRESIDENT OF MY AMERICA!

That "Pharaoh of the progressive mind-set" is the gravest threat to America's liberties since the near-Emperor FDR.

Now there's the marketing of "Oba-Mao" shirts and posters and the like....

Ya know, if a few hundred million communist Chinese can recognize
what this tit-head is, then why the hell can't a few million "progressive" Americans muster up the intellectual candle-power to name this treasonous punk for what he truly is?
Namely, the communist spiritual brother of the genocidal Chairman Mao.

...aw, hell, most of those idiots still believe the murderous Che Guevarra is just a "cool revolutionary" on fashionable tee-shirts...
....and the sickest part is that the rest DO know what he is, but still WANT his "change".

2012 can NOT come soon enough.

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