You lie sauce-boy! - THE Oceanic Viking episode represents one of the most humiliating episodes in Australia's border protection history, the opposition says. ...After undergoing medical and identity checks by Indonesian officials, 22 ethnic Tamils, all of them men, were on Friday moved from the Customs vessel to ferries that took them to shore. While Prime Minister Kevin Rudd rejects claims the 22 men had reached a deal with officials, Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull says that's exactly what happened.
Off course they were given a special deal, in other words a fast-track to Australia, bumped to the front of the queue at centrelink, housing commission, public hospitals, citizenship etc. krunt is a really arrogant ass if he thinks we're stupid enough to believe that the Tamils got off the boat because krunt told them it's all over and they're going back to Sri Lanka.

If the sniveling weasels in the media had any integrity or self-respect they'd at least ask krunt to front up with his sauce bottle and tell us the truth, instead they're telling us breathlessly that the stand-off has finally been ended by our very own super-sauce-boy, and thank heavens for him. Oh and they're busy grilling Turnbull over his policy, the effing cretins. I saw sauce-boy on the tele last night, pretending that he didn't know anything, like he was simply above all this wiffle-waffle.

Just imagine if John Howard had done this and refused to explain himself, we all know it would never have played out like this. I know krunt and the gaggle of leftist sycophants carrying water for him will never change. My only hope is that the Australian public who were fooled into voting for this sell-out and liar will wake up to him and throw his dangerous administration out of power. They never deserved to lead us and they sure ain't looking like they'll ever deserve it.

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