The left will never learn

Daily Mail - Alan Johnson yesterday admitted the Government had mishandled immigration and that it is placing a 'strain' on jobs and services. The Home Secretary said Labour had been 'maladroit' in its approach to the issue. ......It follows explosive allegations that Labour engineered a secret plot to use mass migration to make Britain more multicultural. ......Distancing himself from his predecessors, he said ministers had ignored for 'far too long' problems in the immigration system that led to huge backlogs of asylum seekers and foreign national prisoners. ......'The legacy problems with unreturned foreign national prisoners and asylum seekers may have accumulated under previous administrations, but they continued to be ignored for far too long on our watch.'
Ah so you see folks, it was all started by the previous administrations. Remind you of someone, a certain barack hussein obama? Back during the campaign he was all hope, change, a new dawn, things are going to change, the light is at the end of the tunnel, we are the arrogant assholes we were waiting for! On and on it went, but now that he's actually in charge, everything is still Bush's fault, either that or the full moon, heck even the shadowy right-wing cabal hiding under his desk playing with his teleprompter.

Coming back to subject at hand, after more than a decade of being in power, the left in Britain have finally admitted that they effed up immigration, but like true leftists, it's not really their fault and folks, just trust them to fix it up now. The above-mentioned scumbag has admitted it, and because he suddenly wants to talk about immigration today, tomorrow, next week and on any occasion, the Brits need to just trust him and the left once again. They're going to fix now what they wouldn't fix for the last 12 years, yes really!

You can read the original article, while he says they effed it up, he doesn't say anything about deporting jihadists, rapists, murderers, pedophiles or anything to actually reverse what Labour turned to crap. Scumbags like him in Labour have figured out that their days are numbered at the next election and are hoping to lie and cheat their way back into power. So in case anyone out there feels like giving the scum another chance, here are some other things they've touched and then, you guessed it, turned to crap.
Daily Mail - Someone is attacked by a complete stranger every 30 seconds in Binge Britain, figures revealed last night. When Labour came to power, only a third of violent crimes were carried out by an attacker the victim did not know. That has now jumped to half as random violence - fuelled by alcohol and round the clock opening - has become commonplace.

Daily Mail - An insurance worker on a Halloween night out was kicked to death after confronting a gang that stole his girlfriend's witch's hat. The attack happened only yards from Sutton police station in an area covered by several CCTV cameras.

Daily Mail - Machetes by the door, drugs on the table - and mothers paid by the state to have babies with men they barely know. What HAVE we done to the British family? It's the most destructive crisis of our age - a generation of violent, illiterate, lawless young men living outside civilised society.

Daily Mail - ......The Prime Minister promised to slash 'unnecessary programmes and cut lower priority budgets' as it emerged Britain is borrowing a staggering £6,000 a second to fund public services.

Daily Mail - ......It came to light just a week after it emerged that teenagers who took part in a £6million Government initiative to reduce teenage pregnancies were more than twice as likely to fall pregnant as other girls. ......About 40,000 teenagers become pregnant every year in the UK - the highest level in western Europe. More than half end in abortion.
It's a litany of destruction by the left in Britain and we should know by now, this is what happens to everything they touch, wherever they are. To paraphrase Ann Coulter, I know the left in Britain, America and Australia will never learn, I just wish the voters would.

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