Oi sauce boy!

News.com.au - Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has savaged the federal opposition's climate change sceptics, labelling them dangerous, arrogant gamblers prepared to bet on their grandchildren's future. ......"It's time to remove any polite veneer from this debate," he said in a lengthy address to Sydney's Lowy Institute on Friday. "The stakes are that high."

......"The argument that we must not act until others do is an argument that has been used by political cowards since time immemorial both of the left and the right. "They are reckless gamblers who are betting all our futures on their arrogant assumption that their intuitions should triumph over the evidence. "You are betting our jobs, our houses, our farms, our reefs, our economy and our future on an intuition on a gut feeling; on a political prejudice you have about science."

......Mr Rudd also turned his attack on commentators Alan Jones and Janet Albrechtsen declaring they were clinging to denial "like a polar bear clings to a melting iceberg". "By deliberately undermining and eroding the capacity to achieve both domestic and international action on climate change the sceptics are attempting to force the world to take the single most reckless bet in our long history."

Oi krudd, mate, sauce bottle, weeties and all that chump, what you said above chump, right back you chump! I heard part of the speech while I was away this weekend and this ass really made my blood boil. You are the real coward kevvie, the real gambler and the really reckless ass here and here are some examples of it.

News.com.au - ......As the Sri Lankans enter their 19th day aboard the Oceanic Viking, the cost to taxpayers of keeping the vessel away from its normal duties patrolling the Southern Ocean is now estimated at close to $1.5 million.

All because you don't have the balls to stand up to your mad-left base krudd.

The Australian - THE Rudd government spent $454 million on consultants in 2008-09, an annual increase of 5.6 per cent during a time of supposed public sector austerity, as a new administration increasingly turned to outside experts for policy advice, market research and data. ......In its pitch for office, Labor vowed to slash $395m in what it identified as "wasteful" federal spending on consultants; in government, it has shifted the emphasis and rebadged consultants as important providers of independent, timely and evidence-based advice.

That's what you call reckless and dishonest kevvie, you made a promise to cut spending and you broke it; and not only did you fail to stop the spending, you went the other way and did worse, sort of like an arrogant gambler.

News.com.au - KEVIN Rudd's word police have banned the Opposition from describing his Government as disgraceful, inept and reckless under new printing entitlement regulations. The Opposition has cried foul as a team of "black marking" bureaucrats are voluntarily vetting letters, newsletters and Hansard in a bid to explain what words are in and what words are banned under the regulations.

That's what you call cowardice kevvie, much of the media and commentariat are busy polishing your boots all day long, so there are only a few out there calling you out for what you really are. A coward who gets flustered and needs to change his panties every time anyone dares to criticize you. And one more thing, it's amazing how little opposition there actually is to you and yet your ideology is so piss-weak that it can't even stand just a few who just won't fall into line.

But you are right on one thing kevvie, it
is time to remove any polite veneer from this debate, so there ya go kevvie, following from your example.

Choke on that sauce-boy.

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