You lie gordon!

Daily Mail - Gordon Brown staged a major Labour U-turn over immigration yesterday by insisting it was 'not racist' to discuss the issue. In his first speech on the subject for two years, the Prime Minister said he had 'never agreed with the lazy elitism that dismisses immigration as an issue, or portrays anyone who has concerns about immigration as a racist'. ...His words left him open to accusations of hypocrisy, however. Labour has previously accused the Tories of pandering to racism when they have raised the issue.
For years now, leftists have maintained that anyone who dared to question immigration policy in the western world was racist. They have been responsible for unchecked immigration across the western world, bringing groups of people who have no intention to assimilate here, who only want to set up their own enclaves and bring the culture that failed them back home over to the western world. When told about this over and over, they refused to listen and do a damn thing about it.

Folks like us who questioned any of this have been smeared from pillar to post and now all of a sudden these SOBs turn around after the damage has been done and want to talk about it. Don't believe it for one second folks, the only reason gordon brown suddenly wants to talk about immigration is because his worthless, traitorous labour party is most likely going to be wiped out at the next election in Britain.

You can be guaranteed that if this scumbag were to retain power, the next day the smearing over immigration will be right back to normal. This is what they do everywhere, since the left lied and weaseled their way into power in Australia, our immigration policy is the joke of the world, it's so pathetic and shameful, but this is what they do everywhere, import what has failed over and over elsewhere. I just hope the Brits have learned their lesson and will not be fooled by the lies and posturing from the left.

And one more thing, they're doing the same thing on the religion of Islam, everywhere you turn in the world, muslims are murdering and terrorizing in the name of Islam and leftists keep on insisting that it's a religion of peace and there is nothing to worry about. Thousands and thousands have been slaughtered by terrorists claiming islam as their religion, but no, it's just a misunderstanding, they're just reading the koran upside down or something.

Every other week we hear of muslims in the western world plotting jihad and executing it, but the left refuse to even discuss the option of deporting any who have extremist tendencies. Mark my words, once the islamists start blowing up and murdering more and more in the western world and it's too late to do anything, the left will turn around and say, well now, it's not racist to discuss the issue of islam and we don't agree with the lazy elitism that dismisses islam as an issue, or portrays anyone who has concerns about islam as a racist or islamophobe.

We the voters have to learn this, the left won't learn and they don't want to learn because both of the above undermine the western world and that is what they want.

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