Treachery at its finest

The Democrats are such scum, all along they’ve been asked for their grand plan, and for years all they have been doing is carping and carping and carping from the sidelines. When they finally come up with a plan, they can't even explain their stupid plan, even CNN is laughing at their plan.

Watch the video at Hotair.

So will they finally just cut the bull and tell us straight up, they want America to lose. They are actively rooting for a defeat in Iraq, screw America, they always were, and they don't give a stuff about the troops and never did.

Democrats to terrorist scumallies: read my lips, just hang in there till July.. er.. make that August, hang in there, kill a few soldiers, don’t give up, you can do it, we believe in you. In the last few days just kill a whole lot more, then we can say the surge failed, shaft Bush and screw the troops, you guys can take over after that, you can count on us, we’re counting on you.

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