Know thy Enemy

A sobering note on the leftist press, and what it does when it gets hold of people it doesn’t like.

Gavin King, a leftist reporter with the Cairns Post here in Australia, apparently lulled, through deception, an anti-Islamist blogger into revealing his personal details. This little slime then apparently promptly published the lot, including his identity, his home address, business details, even a list of his property holdings:
[The] operator of the Winds of Jihad site. . .has had his identity and location revealed -- opening him to risk of being killed by jihadists -- by reporter Gavin King, who is no doubt convinced that Sheik has nothing to worry about anyway, since it's a religion of peace.
Going to such extremes, I believe there is only one reason Gavin King did this: he wants to expose this man to potential harm, and given the subject matter, harm of the highest order.

More on this here, here and here.

Be warned.

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