Kevin Rudd aka SWAT Womble, newly minted Socialist Democrat (ALP) generalissimo has an idiosyncratic manner of approaching questions from a sympathetic Australian media. Bomber-like in his ritual, Kevvie uses a general term as a prefix, usually as a response to the first question asked in an interview.

  • RUDD: Well, these things happen in politics and I always knew that we were going to go through a negative phase...
  • Kevin Rudd: Well, what Secretary Powell and the US seems to have said is that he now has grave doubts about the accuracy of the case...Well, herein lies the problem that the Prime Minister faces....Well, I was about to come on to that...Well, this letter, based on my sources, was sent to the Howard Government...Well, I've leave the Howard Government and the Afghan Government...Well, our argument is that when it comes to the continued operations of al-Qaeda...Well, what I'm referring to is a letter which he wrote at the end of the year 2002...
  • RUDD: Well, today’s policy document, as you know, is a New Directions document.
  • KEVIN RUDD: Well the whole question comes down to the essence of a political solution here in Iraq.
  • RUDD: Well, I agree with Mr Howard that citizenship is not a right, it’s a privilege...Well, Steve, what I’d say to every Labor Party member...Well, Mr Howard’s a clever politician...Well, as I said at the outset I do agree with Mr Howard...Well, Steve the thing about political parties whether it’s our Party...
  • KEVIN RUDD: Well again, it's not, sort of, a latest foray...Well, bon Hoffer was an extraordinary man.
  • KEVIN RUDD: Well, the purpose of that human rights dialogue is to discuss these
    sorts of things...Well Tony on that one, I'm in no professional position to cast a
    judgment on the quality of the evidence...Well Tony, let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

Too right Kev. Looks like you're WELL ahead of yourself.

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