Spartans slaughter leftist critics...

...and the box office, selling out screenings and tracking for a $60 million plus opening weekend.

Update: Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that 300 has passed the $70 million mark. Holy shit!

300, a stylized version not so much of the Battle of Thermopylae (one of Western Civilization's finest moments) but of Frank Miller's graphic novel based on Thermopylae (a distinction important to draw before anyone gets bogged down in talk of its historical accuracy) is blowing audiences away. I myself doubted a possible $60 million opening weekend, thinking the tally would be somewhere between $20 and $40 million. (FYI - It did approximately $27 million on its opening day)

What was never in doubt was the fact leftist fuckheads would hate the movie and do their best to bury it - not least because the relationship these leftist fuckheads will see between Xerxes' Persians and their terrorist allies today.

We all knew leftists would hate the movie, and Libertas puts it most eloquently why leftist fuckheads would hate the movie:

Like Spartacus and Ben-Hur, 300 is about bravery, freedom, honor, and country. These are universal themes. But universal themes that will offend liberals because they’re not defended in a PC fashion. Liberals believe bravery is being brave enough to kiss despot hiney in the corrupt UN. Liberals believe freedom is porn in school libraries. Liberals believe honor is leaking national security secrets to the New York Times. Liberals believe ”country” is about everybodys counry but ours, so it’s okay to give mass murderers autographed basketballs and ask them to dance. The men in 300 believe they are good, their families are good, their country is good, and worth dying and fighting for.

That pretty much nailed it.

We all know leftists are morally bankrupt cowards without a single redeeming quality, so it wasn't hard to predict how they would react when everything they aren't is shoved in their face and held up as an example to aspire to. It's even worse when it is based in recorded historical fact. And the leftist critics have not disappointed.

I will spare you the actual reviews, save to say it is the exact whining, group masturbation "look how superior we are" load of leftist wank you are probably expecting.

Go and read the full Libertas review and don't worry too much about spoliers as we know how it ends.

300 is scheduled for release here on April 5. It was initially advertised as being rated R18+ for High Level Battle Violence but on appeal by the distributor has now been rated MA15+ for Strong Computer-Generated Battle Violence, Death, and War Themes. (Almost all of the blood in the film is computer generated).

Once again, thanks to the awesome Refused Classification website.

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