November 2006,
The trial of one of three Muslim men accused of beheading three Christian high school students in Indonesia started Wednesday. Prosecutors alleged that the man, identified as Hasanuddin, wanted to avenge the deaths of Muslims by Christian mobs during sectarian fighting between 1999 and 2002. Trials for the two other suspects were delayed until next week.

The three girls were walking home from school in the town of Poso in Central Sulawesi last October when police say they were attacked by a gang of machete-wielding masked men dressed in black. A fourth girl was injured but managed to escape.

The heads of two of the girls were found in plastic bags near a police post while the third was found outside a Christian church. More here.

Back in 2005 an Australian, Schapelle Corby was sentenced to 20 years, later reduced to 5, for importing 4.1kg (9.8lb) of Marijuana (Weed) into Indonesia. Three other Australians were sentenced to life in prison, in 2006, for their part in a drug smuggling ring that tried to smuggle 18 pounds of heroin to Australia. Some would say it’s a bit harsh, some would say it sends a hell of a message.

March 2007,
An Indonesian court has sentenced three Muslim militants to jail for beheading three Christian schoolgirls in Central Sulawesi in 2005.

Hasanuddin, 34, was given 20 years for planning the attack, while two accomplices were given 14 years

You decide.

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