Banned is banned in China! How about that? I feel so special like I won an award or something. I know the Chinese government is obsessed with censoring internet use in the People’s Republic but geez I don’t ever recall saying anything bad about them except for a blog entry I wrote back in 2005 called Feeding a Giant. Oh yeah, I did do that piece on egg piracy last year called Fake Eggs. It was quite a story if memory serves - criminals peddling fake eggs concocted of dangerous ingredients. I wonder if that did it?

Anyway, if you’re interested in testing your site check here. The test is not foolproof though.
We’ve opened a website in China and route your url request on through to our server in China. The server in China opens the url and the result is send back. Our testing is only based on one server on one location in China. We have different backup servers in different locations in China might one go down. Other locations and other servers may give you different access to the various websites.
h/t the blog quebecois

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