the foul stench of the left.....

Australia's ABC broadcaster is home to just about every shade of leftist and greenie, their "news" and current affairs programs reflecting a blatant leftist, anti-U.S. bias.
Every year they award a prize of (taxpayer's) money to the author of the ABC Fiction Award novel.
This year's winner takes as its subject the background to the horrific gang rapes perpetrated by Lebanese muslim youths during the year 2000. (not that these were the first or the last pack rapes committed by these animals).

The author, Damian McDonald:

"When that whole thing was all over the papers, I thought, these guys have a unique voice that represents a real diversity in values and cultures around us."

Think about that for a moment, if you're a leftist reading this. Violence, thuggery, rape...young lives irrevocably damaged, young women living with a life sentence of guilt and loathing and fear...

And a leftist artist/writer parasite and his sponsors at the ABC regard the animals that wrecked their lives as "a unique voice that represents a real diversity.."

You must be very proud of yourselves.

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