The Alexandria Fink

Orson Scott Card rips into a rather rabid little piece of leftist, anti-Israeli propaganda by Steve Berry: ‘The Alexandria Link’.

As Card rightly points out, to be ‘anti-Zionist’ is no longer the hide it potentially once was. And I agree. Most of the ‘anti-Zionists’ I have had the displeasure of meeting will usually pop out with some kind of anti-Semitic poison, if given enough time (and encouragement). In this case, though, the rewriting of history, even in fiction, is a deadly dangerous game to be playing, especially now.

The fact is, though, it’s no game.

There are many on the left who’d like to see Israel destroyed. By default, this includes its Jewish population (and they know it). And novels like Steve Berry’s ‘Fink’ do nothing but strengthen that view in my mind.

Once again, if you’re so right, why do you need to lie to prove it?

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