What would Saddam Have Done?

Bombers wreaking vengeance; exploding their explodey Islamic goodness?

What would the exemplar of Ba’athist socialism have done to quell the evil tide?

Well, it’s easy, really.

He’d have done a little homework (but only a little, given examples don’t take all that much work, really) to find out where Bomb Boy came from. Then he’d have gotten Cousin Ali Snackba to run around to said Bom Boy’s village, whereupon they’d have loaded every baby, toddler, young man, middle-aged man, well - any male they could lay their hands on - onto trucks, at gun point.

Then they’d have shipped the lot to oblivion.

And that would be the last we’d hear from Bomb Boy’s home village. . .ever again. . .

Message sent.

But here in the West, we don’t do that. So we have Bomb Boy, et. al., wreaking explodey fun every odd day in and day out, and the leftist cockweasels get to shriek: ‘quagmire, disaster, mess, cockup,’ etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

But how many Bomb Boys does it take it take to titillate the likes of Cindy Sheehan and her tribe of screaming moonbats, day in and day out? How many does it take to blow away a market full of women and kids, every day for an entire year (not that that’s what's happening, mind you - in fact, far, far less).


That’s it.

'365' screaming nutjobs for Allah (at absolute best).

For '365' Bomb Boys (not that they have even that many), we’re wetting our pants and screaming ‘surrender’.

And given that equation, one must conclude that Iraq has been a mistake. Not because we were wrong to stop a vicious mass-murderer and a creature that represented a very real threat to both our and Iraq's women and children – we were always on the side of right there - Saddam had to go - no argument - no STATUS QUO. . .

No - we were only wrong because, once again, our leftist bed-wetters have shown precisely how weak we really are.

'365' Bomb Boys, and we’re on our knees. '365' Bomb Boys, and precisley one half of Western civilisation is ready to run.

This is something we should never, ever have advertised (or, for those who already suspected, have confirmed). . .

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